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Showing all 147 results

Buttons are perfect for making statements. That is why protest buttons and campaign buttons are still very popular. There is no better way to get your saying or your opinion out into the world than with buttons. In order to make your buttons even more noticeable, we have a wide range of effect buttons in our shop.

Soft-touch / matte buttons

With our matte buttons, the effect is a little more subtle and only becomes apparent when you look closely. We laminate a matt soft-touch film on your artwork. As a result, these effect buttons not only look great, they also feel fantastic (slightly velvety). This film does not reflect and is also scratch-resistant.


We also print your design on neon paper. You can choose from the most popular neon colors: yellow, green, orange and pink. We love all our neon buttons because the effect is terrific.


In order to make metallic buttons, we print on a transparent film. All white areas of your artwork become silver and the other colors get a nice metallic shine. With these buttons the color white cannot be printed. If you choose the color yellow, your buttons look golden.

Glitter buttons

Glitter buttons are our newest effect buttons and are really impressive. All light colors of your design will sparkle.

Glow-In-The-Dark Buttons

Lights off – buttons on! Our Glow-In-The-Dark Buttons probably create the craziest effect of all. Charge these buttons with light, and let them glow in the dark. Black and white button designs are perfect for our glowbuttons.