Oval Buttons

The oval button size is roughly the size of a business card, but is not square. An oval shape is ideal for all designs that are neither round nor square. They are available with a pin on the back or alternatively with a magnet.

Oval buttons are suitable for many purposes. Because they are often used as a giveaway at trade fairs or as a magnet for the tourism industry. Bands order our buttons, for example for merchandise. In other words, these buttons are as individual as you are. Oval buttons are great and inexpensive giveaways for all artworks that are not round or square. And the oval buttons with clothing magnets are very popular as name tags.

We can print oval buttons with different finishes. The classic button is shiny. If you don’t like to shine, you can also order our matte soft-touch buttons. These buttons also feel velvety soft. We have glitter buttons in the shop for weddings or other special occasions. All white elements of your template will sparkle in silver and the other colors will also have a glitter effect.

dailybuttons – We make custom oval buttons!

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