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Showing all 4 results

Button Sets

Our button sets offer a wide range of possibilities to present your buttons professionally. Whether for sale or for distribution, we have put together different packaging options for you. If you care about the environment, we recommend our eco-friendly set that uses a compostable bag instead of the traditional PE bag. For more options, we also offer button sets on postcards in DIN A6 or DIN A7 format, which can be printed individually. If you prefer other button sizes or quantities, we will be happy to create an individual offer for you.

Our sets are not limited to classic pin buttons, but can also be customized with magnets, bottle openers or other button types. If you are not sure if your desired buttons will work as a set, feel free to contact us via email.

All of our sets are 4-color printable and buttons must be ordered separately to complete the desired set.

Button Set Classic

Our best selling button set is the Classic button set. It consists of a pressure seal bag with a cardboard header on the top. All buttons and the header can also be custom printed. The bags can be filled with up to 6 buttons of size 25mm. But also 4 x 37mm buttons or even 2 fridge magnets in the size 44x68mm fit into the bags. So you can’t go wrong with this button set.

Button Set ECO

The ECO button set is the environmentally friendly version of the Classic button set. The PE bag used here is a translucent, compostable bag.

Buttonset DIN A6

Our Buttonset DIN A6 is an individually printed postcard, which can be equipped with buttons. This set has space for up to 6 buttons from 31mm. Both sides can be printed differently.

Buttonset DIN A7

The button set DIN A7 is a little smaller than the DIN A6 set and can be equipped with up to 4 buttons. All sets with cardboard cards worked with buttons from 31mm.

By the way, our button sets are made completely according to your wishes. The designs on the product photos in the store serve only as placeholders.