Metallicbuttons transform your artwork into elegant pieces of jewelry;-)

Our metallic finish works by printing your artwork on a layer of transparent film. All white elements in your artwork will be unprinted. They show through the silver of the steel button parts. This creates a very nice metallic effect. The effect is stronger with light colors and a little bit weaker with dark colors. With this special finish small details will tend to gest lost, so make sure all of the important parts of your image are clear and bold.

This trick can create unique effects. Here we reveal the secret recipe for a beautiful golden button. Just use the following CMYK color values: 0% cyan, 22% magenta, 77% yellow and 0% black. The silver of the metal makes this yellow look like real gold. Start to design your buttons today. You can upload the finished artwork with your order or use our online buttondesigner.

Metallicbuttons are unfortunately not available in all sizes and shapes. If you would like to order other effect-buttons, we can also print neon-, glitter- or glow-in-the-dark buttons. If you don’t like it that extravagant, then take a look at our classic pins with glossy or matte finish.

dailybuttons – we make custom buttons with effects!

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