25mm Buttons / Needle / NEON


Includes 16% MwSt.
Delivery Time: 4-5 workdays


These neon papers make your buttons very special!!!

Our neon papers have very high luminosity. This effect is hard to show on the website. The neon pink, for example, looks like the pink on German ambulances. With these papers, we recommend a black print.

For all neon buttons, the print colors are distorted somewhat by the background and the white parts of the image appear in the appropriate paper color. It is not possible to print the color white!

Our templates are available for download here: TEMPLATES.
You can also try our free and easy-to-use buttondesigner. Just click „Customize“ to start.

We will check your artwork to make sure it has the proper image resolution and size. If your artwork looks good, we’ll begin production. If changes are needed, you will receive an email from us within 1 business day.

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