Our glitter buttons are available in all popular sizes and shapes. Besides the normal buttons, this special look is our most versatile print type. You can choose between round, square, oval, square or rectangular glitter buttons with rounded corners. The sizes range from the smallest 22mm mini button to the large 76mm button.

Are you planning a wedding or a bachelorette party? Then our sparkling buttons are exactly the right choice. Glitter buttons are pieces of jewelry with that certain something. They are much more eye-catching than normal shiny badges. But these pins are not only suitable for special occasions. Glitter buttons are also popular everywhere.

With the glitter buttons we print on a transparent film that is placed over glitter paper. This will make all the white elements of your artwork silver (glittering). Of course, the other colors have a glitter effect too. The lighter the color, the stronger the effect. High-contrast designs look best on these buttons.

dailybuttons – We make custom glitter-buttons with your artwork!

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Showing all 47 results