100 x Buttonparts 56mm


Includes 16% MwSt.
Delivery Time: 4-5 workdays

✓ 100 pcs
✓ shells
✓ pinned backs
✓ mylar

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Buttonparts 56mm

Here you will find US manufactured button supplies. These are compatible with button machines made by tecre.

These buttonparts are made especially for our 56mm buttonmachines.
This set contains everything you need to make 100 buttons (56mm). It includes Shells, Collets, Pins and Mylar. The shells and collets are made from heavy duty US steel. The mylar is a thin plastic that protects your graphics and gives your buttons a professional glossy finish.

There is a possibility that our buttonparts can also be used with other machines, but we can not guarantee that. If you have a different machine and you are not sure what type of button parts you need, we can sende you some samples.

Our button parts are available in 2 quantities: 100 and 500pcs.

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